Here in i3D Fabs We have enabled ourself to work with a variety of materials such as PLA+, PETG, ASA, Silk PLA and many more as per the requirements of our customers. We are also passionate about our Sustainable Development Goals where we minimize the material requirement with zero quality cutting. Please have a look at the materials we work with for better understanding.


PLA filament is a popular 3D printing material known for its ease of use, biodegradability, and wide range of applications. With its low melting point and high printability, PLA filament produces prints with sharp details, vibrant colors, and a glossy finish. At Numakers, we offer a diverse range of PLA filaments in different colors and sizes to meet your 3D printing needs. Shop our selection of high-quality PLA filaments today and start bringing your ideas to life.


PETG filament is a versatile 3D printing material that combines the best properties of both ABS and PLA. PETG is known for its toughness, durability, and ease of printing. It has a high impact resistance, making it ideal for printing objects that require mechanical strength and durability. At Numakers, we offer a wide range of PETG filaments in different colors, sizes, and spool options to cater to your 3D printing needs. Shop our selection of high-quality PETG filaments today and experience the difference.


Our ASA filament is designed to provide exceptional durability and resistance to UV radiation, making it ideal for use in outdoor applications, automotive parts, and other high-stress environments. With its low warping, excellent layer adhesion, and smooth surface finish, our ASA filament is easy to print with and delivers consistent, high-quality results every time. Whether you're a professional designer or a hobbyist looking to take your 3D printing to the next level, our ASA filament is the perfect choice for achieving top-quality results.

Silk PLA

Made from high-quality PLA material infused with special additives, our Silk PLA filament is designed to provide a smooth, lustrous finish that looks and feels like real silk. Whether you're creating decorative objects, jewelry, or other high-end designs, our Silk PLA filament will give your prints a touch of elegance and sophistication. With its excellent printing performance, low warping, and good layer adhesion, our Silk PLA filament is easy to work with and delivers consistent, reliable results every time. And with a range of colors available, you can easily customize your prints to suit your needs.


TPU material has good flexibility with a hardness of 95A, easy to print, and can quickly print large, complex and accurate prototypes of elastomer parts.Excellent elasticity, printed products with tpu filament are not easy to deform.